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To enhance the worship experience we will introduce new praise songs here so that the congregation has a chance to meditate on the deeper meaning and context under which the song was written.


Your Word is a Lamp

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“Your Word Is A Lamp ” (Psalm 119:105)
Introduced April 3, 2016

Emotions….They can cause us to soar to great heights, and then, often the same day with no warning, bring us down into the Valley of Despair. In the movies, we are constantly being told to “look to our hearts” and to do what “feels right.” But our feelings are constantly changing.

In our own lives, we have battled with “some of these demons” as well (most musicians can relate to this). Some of the worst decisions of our lives were made (or not made) while we were in the grip of emotions.

In writing the song, “Your Word Is A Lamp”, we were thinking a lot about the people close to us who really want to know God’s will for their own lives, but their emotions leave them constantly doubting themselves. God has given us a road-map which is clearly lit. This map is the Bible…the written word of God. When we hide his word deep in our hearts, and look to Him in prayer, His Spirit will guide our spirit and we can have assurance that we can know His will for our lives.

I pray that this song will bring comfort and light to those struggling to know God’s will for their lives!

We are attaching a link to a song that was written to help clarify this topic. Hope you are touched by this!

Christi Ebenhoch and Pete Jacobs

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