the ROCK at St. Stephen Presbyterian Church


What is the ROCK?

The ROCK is a year-round faith-based youth and kids program of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church in Chatsworth, providing a fun and secure environment where youth and kids can form lasting friendships with peers, develop leadership skills, and foster a deeper sense of Christian spirituality and faith. ROCK, an acronym for Reaching Outward for Christ’s Kingdom, is more than just our name it's our purpose, it’s our program, and it’s our way of reaching out to the entire community. And . . there is no cost to attend!

the ROCK Ministry

Our desire is to create a ministry that reaches a generation of young people, from toddlers to teens, who want to meet up with other young people to share similar interests, to learn about themselves and others, and to develop a better understanding of their relationship with God. Attendees do not need to already have a relationship with God, or even know what or whom God is; they just need to be open to finding out and learning. We focus on toddlers to teens in the local community through a variety of events, including weekly worship services, weekly fun gatherings, and other programs to be developed (like Bible studies, community-building activities,, camps, and mission trips). Participants will even help plan activities, such as community service projects, arts and crafts, social events, and retreats with an emphasis on spiritual, mental, social, and physical development.

the ROCK Mission

Everything we do reflect Christ's invitation for young people to “come unto him!” The most important association a person can develop is a personal, life changing and eternal relationship with God.

the ROCK Goal(s)

It has been said that 80% of people who will develop a relationship with God will do so before the age of twenty. Therefore at the ROCK, we are very intentional in all that we do. Our goal is to bring youth and kids the invitation to meet Christ and grow into a relationship with Him by creating an environment appealing enough to be attractive, beneficial enough to be life changing, and authentic enough to be shared.

the ROCK Friday Nights

Every Friday night from 6-9 pm, the ROCK youth and kids can hang out with friends while indulging with exciting activities, upbeat music, rousing worship, and even dinner! Featured attractions include arcade games, ping-pong, bumper pool, foosball, music, dancing, worship, singing, movies, refreshments, outdoor fire pit, and much more on the horizon. The ROCK Friday Nights is a free community service provided by St. Stephen Presbyterian Church. Jesus loves you and we do, too.